Tips For Every Wedding



First, take a step back and breath.

Amid the stress from all the planning and deadlines, it can be easy to become frustrated.

Don’t lose track of what’s really important- the joy of one of the biggest moments of your life.

Allow yourself to feel the excitement. Sure, there is a lot to take care of, but you can enjoy the process as much as the big day.

To help mitigate that stress and increase your confidence we have collected some of the very best five tips that will make any wedding a success.

It’s Not What You Know-

It’s Who You Know


The old adage stands true: information is power. Being informed is the key to making wise and impactful decisions. But how do you make those decisions if you don’t know where to start? That’s probably why you are reading this blog in the first place!

The thing is though, you probably already know many people who have had weddings. People who have already gone through the stress of planning, and could give you helpful tips.

You can ask advice or recommendations on vendors; food, location, photography or videography services. You could find out what others have done for bridesmaids gifts. Or who to even invite to the wedding for that matter. The people in your life are untapped potential.

Some chose to hire a wedding planner. These are professionals who know the ins-and-outs of the industry. They can handle much of the more stressful details and allow you to enjoy your engagement.

Another avenue for advice is to ask the vendors you already are working with or thinking of using. Ask them what other vendors they suggest. Your location may know of a good photographer or florist. You may just find the answer to that last vendor you’ve needed to find!


What’s The Plan?


Perhaps the most important part of the plan is well… making the plan.

Even when you schedule the date far off, it will come quicker then you think. Procrastination will drive anyone crazy, but a well thought out plan can make things go smoothly.

Set aside time weekly to work on your wedding.

Having a specific time designated for wedding planning not only makes sure things get done, but it helps reduce stress.

When something comes up you can remind yourself you set a time to deal with it,  it doesn’t have to consume your whole day.

Create a checklist; include each item in steps. Add each vendor you will need, as well as other arrangements to be made: flowers, food, music, etc.

Something Remembered

Just as important as the event itself, making sure your special day is well documented is crucial. What do you want to remember five, ten, fifty years from now? How will it be remembered?

Wedding photography and videography are important services to consider. Wedding photos capture moments in time and allow you to experience the joy of those moments at a glance. They are also easily shareable.

Wedding video enables you to relive the emotions of that day. You will see exactly as it looked and sounded that day. You will see peoples expressions, the laughs, and the tears. Memories fade and moments pass, capture them!

Donald James Film offers multiple packages for both services. From ceremony to full day, we have you covered. See if we have a package that works for you or drop us a line if you need something else.

It’s About You!

While it is good to get advice from others, don’t feel pressured to please everyone.

There may be multiple voices – at varying volumes – fighting to determine the details of your wedding.

Ultimately you aren’t putting on a show or an event to entertain others. You and your loved one are celebrating your decision to spend the rest of your lives together.

That is what’s important.

Make sure you make decisions that fit your vision for your wedding. Years from now, it really only is you and your spouse who will remember it!



It may sound cliche, but remember to have fun!

In eight years of filming weddings, I’ve seen many a couple stressed and frustrated, often over details they don’t have control over. You can check the weather, but it can change. Time and chance happen. Be prepared, but be flexible.


  • Focus on what’s important: your marriage ceremony.


  • Celebrate with your significant other.


  • Enjoy time with your friends and family.


  • Don’t get distracted or sidetracked with a hundred little things.


As long as the main things come together, you will have a story to be told and relived for years to come!

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